In general, it is considered that the clip's poor gripping performance leads to filmfs troubles such as film breakage and drop-out. Naturally, it is true. However, there is a much larger factor behind these troubles. That is the accuracy of the chain portion. In other words, the clipfs gripping performance depends on the accuracy of the chain portion.

Manufacturing of pin links and roller links both high in precision is a very importance factor for manufacturing our clip chain.

With respect to each part of the clip, we have conducted repeatedly its physical-property tests together with its running tests to determine its accuracy, hardness and dimensional tolerance. In uniformity of our product together with its interchangeability and high accuracy, our clip chain (i.e., K.T.C. clip chain) eludes all attempts at imitation.

Put our K.T.C. clip chains on your production line. Your production line employing our clip chains can pump up your sales and profits.

We have made top-grade clip chains for film biaxial orientation use using our pioneered technologies and our machining center together with various types of our special purpose machines. These machines are in full operation day and night. We ensure high accuracy of our products and no delay in delivery time thereof for our business partners. Further, we should with pleasure grant your request for: our maintenance services of installed clip chains; their modification services; installation services of our new products, cleaning services and the like.