Is it possible to improve your production line in productivity by improving your current clips and chains in accuracy ?
  • First, please send us each set of your current clips and chains.

  • We K.T.C. will inspect every parts of the products you sent us as to their operating conditions, and determine whether or not these products are in good conditions. Our inspection results will be sent to you in the form of our report.

  • We K.T.C. will prepare original drawings using "CAD", "CAM" and the like.

  • At the same time, we K.T.C. will provide you with a set of drawings, which are prepared by our engineers according to their designed plan, together with a Table doing a side-by-side evaluation of materials.

  • All kinds of your inquiry will be welcomed.

  • Every part of our products is interchangeable. We believe that you are fully satisfied of our interchangeable parts.

  • A tour through our factory will be welcomed. We believe that you are satisfied of all our K.T.C. fine products.


Immediately !!
Employ our K.T.C.sKANESHIGE TENTER CLIP (K.K)tchain links and chain pins in place of your current chain links and chain pins. This replacement contributes to cost reduction in your company and improvement in productivity.

  1. Manufacture new ones of the chain links and chain pins.
  2. DU bushing is eliminated.
  3. The DU-bushing replacing operations and the cost involved in the maintenance services are removed.
  4. Elongation or extension of the entire chain links is fully eliminated.
  5. In operation, the chain links have their right-side portions and their left-side portions balanced therebetween.
  6. It is possible to minimize the chain wheels in wear.
  7. Both the chain links and the chain pins are capable of working for more than 20 years.

  1. The clips, which are not produced by an experienced company, tend to produce troubles.

  2. These clips function normally only for one year at maximum.

  3. It is more important to immediately restart the production line than causing troubles

  4. The clips excellent in performance make it possible to reduce a necessary cost and realize restructuring.

  5. In Japan, we have no competitor in selling the clips.

  6. The blade tip should be formed into a rounded shape "R"(double blades are inhibited). The rounded shape "R" is almighty.

  7. Material FCD (ductile iron) is advantageously used. (in all of a main body, blades and chain bases)

  8. A ceiling plate is eliminated. (in practice)

  9. Essentially, any plating treatment is not required.

  10. A boss width in each of the main body and the blades should be as wide as possible.

  11. A diameter of the boss should be as large as possible.

  12. A leaf spring is advantageously used. (there is no need for stiffening the spring)

  13. A commercially available roller link is poor in performance.

  14. The blade should be made of ALBC3, which is an optimum material and inherently metal material.

  15. No bushing leads to fully elimination of extension of the chain in each sides (the left and the right side) of the production line.

  16. Every set of the clips produced by any other company should be subjected to a cleaning operation to prevent the slippage of the film.

  17. In contrast with this, our clips are capable of having every part thereof subjected to cleaning operations.

  18. There is no fear that the film slippage occurs even when the parts of our clips are assembled without distinction.
    (This is a remarkable feature inherent only in our clips in the world)

  19. Please contact us before you buy a new product or modify your current production line.