The clip chain has its all parts brought into uniformity in accuracy to prevent any occurrence of troubles such as film's slippage, drop-out, breakage and the like in film stretching process.
Configuration in our blade tip is designed to meet any film regardless of its film thickness, which enables our blade tip to exert a sufficient gripping force on any film.
Every part of our chain is designed and manufactured with precision, which prevents any occurrence of troubles in film biaxial orientation to ensure a constant precision chucking.
(In general, chain parts poor in accuracy lead to troubles of film breakage and drop-out)
Starting from its material to its heat treatment, every part of our chain is subjected to various tests repeatedly in production line.
The provision of our film-entanglement prevention plate prevents occurrence of any entanglement of the oriented film, and limits the film's edge portion in size to reduce a waste of the film gripped by the clips, which enables you to increase the oriented film in width.
As described in the above, we have solved the problems inherent in the art to contribute to the improvement of the clip chain in quality. Now, we can manufacture a clip chain, which is durable to ensure that you can enjoy a trouble-free operation for a long period of time without any maintenance.

We have experienced in practice through various types of our services such as maintenance, modification and new-product installation for our business partners. We believe that we can contribute to the improvement in your film production line both in quality and availability factor.